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EXIT於2008年正式組成,是一個本地創作的時裝品牌,以年青新一代為主要銷售對象。我們的產品種類包括有:T-Shirt、Polo Shirt、帽、飾物等等。

EXIT的理念在於exit並不是出口, 而是另一個入口, 我們的思維是創新思維, 是多元化的, 亦代表年青的新一代.


Exit was founded in 2008, a local fashion design brand which targets customer on the new generation. We provide wide serious of products, such as T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Cap, accessories etc.

Our brand name – Exit, means that exit is not only a way out; it is an entry as well. Our idea represents the new generation which is innovative and diversified.

Our goals are to provide innovative and high quality products, to achieve the new generation in the Great China Region.

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