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Based in Oxford, we have a history of over 15 years and established a wide network across the UK.  Our services encompass guardianship, learning consultancy, tutorial, school visits, provision of accommodation and catering services for both students and their parents.




 It is in absolute interests of both parents and the education institutions that your children are well looked when they come to the UK for studying and their time is spent purposefully.  It is also a requirement by the UK Border Agency that for child visa applicants, “all children studying in the UK must have suitable care arrangements in place for their travel, reception at port and living arrangements while here”.  Boarding schools, as well, require all international students to have a Guardian aged over 25 resident in the UK.  Guardian plays a very important role in supplementing the educational and pastoral care.  We help to facilitate your communication with schools and your understanding of the local educational system. 




 As Guardian, we strongly emphasize on genuine interest in the progress and welfare of your children.  It is important to provide a safe and happy environment where they can relax, receive encouragement and support just they would be at home.  We have very caring host families and all enjoy satisfactory CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checks.    We have extensive links with local educational institutes (boarding schools, languages centers and varied service operators).  On behalf of parents, we attend parent/ teacher meetings and provide regular updates.  We can help arrangement of tutorial for school entry preparation. We coordinate arrangements for weekend, exeats and half-term holidays.  We assist with the application of visa, arrangement of domestic and international transport, advance bookings of tickets and provide escorts to / from stations and airports.  We supervise purchase of uniforms, expenses and other school requirements. We assist in opening of UK bank accounts, setting up of mobile phone access and internet connectivity. Everything we do is geared towards making it worthwhile for you and your children.  To add further reassurance, we provide 24-hour access should you need to contact us for any emergency.