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Apllication of movable partition

Screen technology has been documented as early as the history of China. Nowadays, screen has integrated other new technologies like rail and hanging wheel. Thus screen is able be flexible and easy collection, so it is named Movable Partition. 

Movable partition has played an important role in interior decoration industry. Its main function are separation, decoration, windbreak, and coordination. As technological development, partition has found quite mature. Moreover, it can always divided a large space into small spaces or compose small spaces to a large space, in order to achieve a hall able be multi-purpose room. When used with different laminate,  it can be widely applied in hotels, multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms, banquet halls, offices, restaurants, exhibition, financial institutions, schools, studios, hospitals, factories and other occasions.

Laminate is part of movable partition as Indispensable. Its function are fire & moisture resistant. The plane material is classified as class-fiber board, miemine decorative laminate, gypsum board, colour steel plate, fiberoard, and ctye partition. The application of laminate is flexible which coordinate with the designer or customer requirements can be fully express its design and theme.

Hong Kong as a high density city, which is scarcity of land. The application of space and capital are extremely important for any business to success. Movable partition is including aesthetics, noise, fire & moisture-resistant, the combination of strong advantages. Therefore, it has gradually become one of the major engineering projects.